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Developers…have embraced the opportunity. They see it as a viable way to quickly raise cash for a project.

GROUNDFLOOR fills a void for real estate entrepreneurs...They provide short-term, high-yield returns backed by real estate to entrepreneurs who are often ignored by traditional lenders…

Closing the gap between the real estate investor and borrower through crowdfunding is what makes GROUNDFLOOR innovative.

Since we uniquely serve the fix and flip market, we understand the cash flow needs of these clients. Our products offer deferred payment options, and for your points (and ours) to be rolled in at closing.

What brokers have to say about GROUNDFLOOR

Jeff Seal

“My preferred lender is always GROUNDFLOOR. What attracted me to GROUNDFLOOR was their understanding of cash flow to an investor.
They also allow point to be rolled in at closing, so that’s more money in the pocket of my clients with less money to the table. They understand what it means for the client to have cash available for their project, rather than trying to retain that cash to mitigate their risk. GROUNDFLOOR is an easy choice, and it definitely helps me retain clients. Read more Read less

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