GROUNDFLOOR was born out of the belief that there is a fundamentally better way to capitalize America. Banks and Wall Street can’t be trusted to do it, but your fellow Americans can. We believe that a critical mass of individual investors can make a difference, keep capital flowing, and therefore keep an important part of our economy moving. Concentrating capital allocation among the few unnecessarily constricts liquidity in times of stress. When lending is financed through millions of individual decisions, we are free.

We believe in freedom. Freedom to participate in an asset class that is otherwise inaccessible to the general public. Freedom to make your own investment choices based on your own criteria. Freedom to manage your own liquidity and risk as you see fit. Freedom to put your earnings towards the priorities that matter most.

Freedom is the foundation of America. Shouldn’t it be the foundation of our financial system too? We think so.



Since 2018, 3,400 shareholders have invested over $14 million in GROUNDFLOOR to help fuel our continued growth and deliver on our mission to democratize real estate investment for the masses.

We have partnered with SeedInvest to launch our first-ever open preferred equity raise. To learn more about this unique opportunity to buy stock in GROUNDFLOOR, go to seedinvest.com/groundfloor or reach out to our Investor Services team with questions at support@groundfloor.us

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What The Press Has To Say About GROUNDFLOOR

Closing the gap between the real estate investor and borrower through crowdfunding is what makes GROUNDFLOOR innovative.

GROUNDFLOOR is unusual in that its mission opens real estate investing to the general population…. The investment is secured by the real property, and there’s an aggressive pre-screening process for developers.

Developers…have embraced the opportunity. They see it as a viable way to quickly raise cash for a project.

Unlike several other real estate crowdfunding platforms that require a minimum investment of $5,000, GROUNDFLOOR asks for a minimum investment of only $10. Typical GROUNDFLOOR loans...return 12 percent annually on a six-to-12-month term…. Real estate crowdfunding opens up the potential for achieving high risk-adjusted yields that have traditionally remained the province of a very narrow sliver of privileged people…

GROUNDFLOOR fills a void for real estate entrepreneurs...They provide short-term, high-yield returns backed by real estate to entrepreneurs who are often ignored by traditional lenders…

GROUNDFLOOR’s investors are regular Americans who partner with developers on 20 to 30 real estate projects over a six month period...They earn between a 5 percent and 16 percent return on their investment within six to 12 months…. Investors run the gamut from retirees to professionals who want to invest in real estate part time.

GROUNDFLOOR made the higher returns of real estate investing available to regular people who previously did not have access.

I applaud GROUNDFLOOR in really building a business from the ground up where they're focused on the non-accredited investor.

'It was a nightmare working with banks,' Costanzo said. 'It was bureaucratic and tedious.' Costanzo then reached out to GROUNDFLOOR…. GROUNDFLOOR allows developers, homebuilders and remodelers like Costanzo to crowdfund money from online investors across the U.S. — similar to how startups raise funds on Kickstarter to manufacture new products. Within a couple of weeks, Costanzo, a former wealth manager, raised $100,000 from 130 investors through GROUNDFLOOR….'They just make it happen,' Costanzo said. “It seems more efficient and faster than a bank.


GROUNDFLOOR is a wealthtech company that offers high-yield, short-term, real estate DEBT investments to the general public.

Unlike other real estate investment platforms where investors own an equity stake in real estate property through eREITS or other types of funds for 3-5 year terms, our investment options are based on secured, collateralized real estate debt with shorter 12-18 month terms. Debt products inherently carry less risk, which is why we’ve been able to generate consistent 10%+ returns for our investors over the past six years, with repayments received in 6-9 months on average.
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Even in a prolonged downturn with extended terms, we still believe our investments provide an attractive return with a high degree of liquidity and relatively low volatility - especially compared to the performance of other financial markets and asset classes during this crisis period. All without giving up the freedom to decide for yourself whether and in what to invest. Learn more about how GROUNDFLOOR is different .

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How Does It Work?


  1. GROUNDFLOOR is the only direct lender offering crowdsourced capital for short-term residential real estate loans. As a result, we are not reliant on traditional financial institutions for our lending capital, and can continue financing deals through this crisis.
  2. GROUNDFLOOR is currently offering 6, 9 and 12 month loans to real estate investors for 1-4 Unit Properties in 31 states
  3. Rates starting at 5.5% with up to 100% LTC for qualified borrowers.
  4. GROUNDFLOOR is accepting loan applications and closing loans in as little as 3 weeks. Get started now or email borrowers@groundfloor.us with any questions.


  1. GROUNDFLOOR was founded on the idea that private capital markets should be open to individual investors, regardless of their wealth or financial status. As a result, we are not reliant on traditional financial institutions for our lending capital, and can continue financing deals and offering new investments on the platform, even in times of crisis.
  2. Real estate remains a strong alternative investment with growth & upside. There already is a shortage of residential housing in the US, and the current environment will put downward pressure on the real estate properties that our real estate developers seek. This will create demand for financing, which will create more investment opportunities for you.
  3. We have the in-house expertise to manage through these troubling times. Collectively, our executive and management teams have over twelve decades of experience in real estate. Multiple members have been through prior economic and real estate downturns. Rest assured that we have experienced crisis conditions before, and we have the tools and expertise needed to get through this one as well.
  4. In times of capital scarcity, loan quality actually increases. During downturns, only the strongest real estate developers have the liquidity and confidence to make moves in the market, resulting in loans on the best properties, with the best developers, with even less risk to investors over the long term. A win-win for all.