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What The Press Has To Say About Groundfloor

Closing the gap between the real estate investor and borrower through crowdfunding is what makes Groundfloor innovative.

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Groundfloor is unusual in that its mission opens real estate investing to the general population…. The investment is secured by the real property, and there’s an aggressive pre-screening process for developers.

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Developers…have embraced the opportunity. They see it as a viable way to quickly raise cash for a project.

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Groundfloor fills a void for real estate entrepreneurs...They provide short-term, high-yield returns backed by real estate to entrepreneurs who are often ignored by traditional lenders…

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Groundfloor’s investors are regular Americans who partner with developers on 20 to 30 real estate projects over a six month period...They earn between a 5 percent and 16 percent return on their investment within six to 12 months…. Investors run the gamut from retirees to professionals who want to invest in real estate part time.

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Groundfloor made the higher returns of real estate investing available to regular people who previously did not have access.

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I applaud Groundfloor in really building a business from the ground up where they're focused on the non-accredited investor.

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'It was a nightmare working with banks,' Costanzo said. 'It was bureaucratic and tedious.' Costanzo then reached out to Groundfloor…. Groundfloor allows developers, homebuilders and remodelers like Costanzo to crowdfund money from online investors across the U.S. — similar to how startups raise funds on Kickstarter to manufacture new products. Within a couple of weeks, Costanzo, a former wealth manager, raised $100,000 from 130 investors through Groundfloor….'They just make it happen,' Costanzo said. “It seems more efficient and faster than a bank.

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7.5 %
12 mo.
Projected Term
82.8 %
Loan To Value
198 Clay Street Southeast, Unit H
11.0 %
12 mo.
Projected Term
61.5 %
Loan To Value
715 Ridge Circle
8.5 %
9 mo.
Projected Term
74.7 %
Loan To Value
4212 Saint James Drive

What Other Real Estate Investors Have To Say

Michael Olander

Traditionally only high net worth individuals and a small select group of people would have access to something like this. Now through Groundfloor everybody can participate in this and earn these returns....I really feel like Groundfloor is at that inflection point right now - it is really about to come together and just take off.

Merrill Mason

The unique 'crack the code' idea is they've given the ability for every person that wants to participate in these sort of fundings. So if there's someone who's unaccredited who feels there's money to be made, now there's a way for them to do it that wasn't there before Groundfloor.

Michael Goodmon

Watching other crowdfunding platforms, what was really missing was how can I do crowdfunding but also make a really good investment at the same time? How can I crowdfund into something where I have collateral, and I have security, and I have confidence of repayment? Make it less of a social tool and more of an investment tool, or a yield tool for those who might not be able to access what institutions can access - I think that's the true power of Groundfloor.

Serguei K

No retail guys have been able to venture into bond offerings....If Groundfloor proves successful in the real estate space, what they have developed will apply to the whole bond universe. They have the right idea at the right time, and they're fighters.

John Austin

In the last 5 years we've had 150 companies come through NC Idea Labs, and Groundfloor is probably one of the top three or four companies that we've worked with. Groundfloor has built a platform that they can expand upon as they see other opportunities. They're disrupting an industry that has hundreds of billions of dollars of opportunity.

Jason Widen

Groundfloor makes borrowing, transparent, fast and easy, so that I can do the things that I'm good at in making money and developing property. As the founder of HQ and someone that's around 300+ start-ups, Groundfloor is definitely one of the top companies that we've worked with.

Mark Easley

From day one, Groundfloor has had the important philosophy that they're going to enable the retail investors in this space, and there are very few people doing this, so it is a competitive advantage...This is more difficult to do, and takes more time, but once it works, then the sky's the limit, because everyone in the US can do this kind of investing....I've invested in a lot of companies, and we don't often come across one that has this kind of scale factor to it....The potential for this turning into a really high scale business is absolutely there - that's what I like about Groundfloor, and I think that's what the other investors like about it too.

Dan Ciprari

What drew me to Groundfloor was that I could invest as much as I wanted and I could diversify that across a bunch of smaller investments.

Daniel Roth

With Groundfloor I could get a higher yield with less effort than in the stock market.


I've invested in other crowdfunding platforms that invest in unsecured credit card loans, and I was excited to see that Groundfloor has secured loans with collateral behind the properties.

Mark Crites

I like with Groundfloor that you can see the asset - you know what you're investing in. When you compare that to a Lending Club, the backbone of their assets...are significantly more risky. A hard asset, real property, versus intangible, unsecured credit card debt - it was an easy comparison.

Richard Nailing

Groundfloor has returned 10.5% over time. My broker would freak out if he knew how well I am doing with this - he'd say, "This is much better than a lot of the things I've given you."

John Mangham

With Groundfloor, I saw that the cost of capital could be substantially less than a hard money loan. And that was significant. Groundfloor's team gets what the borrower needs.

Danesha Palmer

I was pretty amazed with Groundfloor - the points were awesome, the down payment was awesome.

Sherry Bailey

Groundfloor was super easy to work with. The follow-up is so great. They are always there, and always on it.

Jeff Seal

My preferred lender is always Groundfloor. What attracted me to Groundfloor was their understanding of cash flow to an investor.

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