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12 mo.
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52.2 %
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4611 Sheridan Avenue North
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70.7 %
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4429 Fawnbrook Avenue Southwest
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42.6 %
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19 Rose Road
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What Investors Are Saying About Groundfloor

Why Groundfloor

Returns chart


Groundfloor investments return over 10% annually on average. 1

Grade rate table


You can build your portfolio with different loan grades. Loans are available at different grades, returning from 5% to 25.5%.

*Rate of return varies based on length of loan. Groundfloor offers 3, 6, 9, and 12 month loans, with the highest returns on the 12 month loans.
Diversification chart


Investors who include real estate in their portfolios outperform those who don't. Yale's endowment portfolio, which includes 20% diversification in alternative investments including real estate, has outperformed a stock and bond-only portfolio by about 90%.
Short term

Short Term

Groundfloor loans typically have just a 6-12 month term, so you're not locked in for years.

Secured home


Groundfloor loans are secured by the underlying real estate asset, and the company holds a senior lien on the majority of properties.

Everyone silhouette

Open to Everyone

Groundfloor is open to everyone, not just accredited investors. Until now, investments like these have been out of reach of the average investor, open to only high net-worth investors and hard money lenders.

Groundbreaker bank


Opening this kind of real estate investment to the masses is a groundbreaking achievement. Groundfloor was the very first issuer to be qualified by the Securities Exchange Commission to sell investment securities to the public under the new Regulation A rules of the JOBS Act.

Our first offering was qualified on August 31, 2015.
Underwriting funnel

High Underwriting Standards

We approve only 5% of the loans we screen. Our team uses industry-leading practices, including a proprietary underwriting system. 2

College experience

Deep Real Estate Expertise

The Groundfloor team has over 100+ years of experience in the mortgage industry, with executives from companies like Prudential. The team also has deep legal and regulatory experience.

Underwriting funnel thumbs up


We put our money where our mouth is, and we are so confident in our underwriting standards that we actually pre-fund most of the loans we offer.

Investor dashboard

Smart Platform

Investors can track investment progress and get updates on the progress of each loan and the renovation work taking place.

Secured computer


We use bank-rate security for your protection, encrypting with an AES 256 bit symmetric key.

How it Works

1 Browse

Browse current projects available for investment

2 Transfer

Transfer funds into your account

3 Invest

Start investing (after the funds clear)

4 Monitor

Use your online dashboard to monitor the progress of your investments, and to get updates on the developers' progress as they renovate each property

5 Payback

At payback, withdraw the funds, or compound the earnings by reinvesting

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* For a full discussion on our loan performance to date, please see our most recent Offering Supplement . Past performance is not indicative of future performance, and investments may lose principal in the future.

1 Return is based on a calculated average of returns from all loans originated in the past year. For a full discussion on our loan performance to date, please see our most recent Offering Supplement .

2 Based on the last three months of underwriting activity, Groundfloor has approved 5% of submitted loan applications for funding. Please see our Offering Circular for a full discussion on our underwriting practices.